Sylvie Calley

Mémoire d'oeuf
I was three
Qui est qui ?
Eléphant 3
Eléphant 1
Borneo Castle

You can find Sylvie in the jungle amongst lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and monkeys. There's no danger. As a matter of fact, these majestic creatures invite you to observe them. Sylvie's animal kingdom is her art gallery, Located on Petite Favorite's place in Grand-Case.
This petite French woman paints with a big heart equal to her passion for animals. She has mastered the art of giving them personality and emotions that draw you in and touch the very soul of your being. Her folk art is another side of the artist; it's light, fun and captures la joie de vivre.

Contact : La Petite Favorite, Blvd de Grand-Case - Tel : 0690 39 51 22
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