Norma Trimborn

Kraul Jazz Teens-2
English Sans-titre Vermont
Big Handstand Monk-1
Peekaboo Teens-1 Jazz-2

Born and growing up in Germany, she learned the basics of painting. She studied color theory and composition at the Art School in Duesseldorf.
1983-1986 People's Republic of China
She studied the art of the brush with Master Wang Min Ping and Master Shu Ming at the University of Nanjing.
1987-2001 USA
She studied with Mr. Rocky Hawkins in Santa Fee, NM, Ms. Mina Rabbini, Great Neck, New York and Mr. Charly Pasqualina in Roslyn, Long Island.
2001 up to now
In 2001 Norma moved her studio to Saint Martin. Since then she is a well-known independant artist in the Eastern Caribbean. Founder of Nocoart.

Contact : 06 90 88 71 66
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