Nathalie Lepine

Answer Blue Lady Courbe 3
Geometric head Homme La mère et l'enfant
La tête au long cou The squares Tranche de vie
Le nu Saint-Martin Church

After spending ten years with a day job, Nathalie Lépine leads a most enviable life. Her artwork is exceptionally elegant, and her life is composed of her greatest passions : painting, raising her child, and living on the beautiful island of Sint-Maarten. Even with all her good fortune, Lépine keeps a good measure of controlled repose in her artwork. Her paintings - thoughtful, Modigliani - like abstraction - show life's beauty through stillness. Lépine mixes warm and figurative allusions and representational depiction. Her work is saprs and beautiful. She achieves psychological affect with what is shown and also hidden. Eyes, mouths, breasts, passageways and openings are laid out with cool reserve. Her world is inviting. It is a quiet, contemplative, yet subtly sensuous place. Lépine began painting in 1998 after her passion grew out of a chance afternoon of sketching. She worked with notable painter Mohand Saci, whose advice in oil she hold close today. Everyday Lépine paints, giving of herself and painting from her gut - a so far well-regarding exercise.
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