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L'association d¹artistes "ART LOVERS" fondée par Paul Elliott et basée à St-Martin FWI a pour but de développer les arts visuels (peinture, photographie, sculpture, marquetterie, céramique etc...) dans les Antilles par la création d¹événements. Créée en février 2004 pour la première édition du Week-End Portes Ouvertes des ateliers d¹artistes, galeries et lieux d¹expositions à St Martin, ART LOVERS a su fédérer la communauté artistique de St Martin puisqu¹elle compte désormais une cinquantaine d'artistes (Peintres, Sculpteurs, Photographes et Céramistes).
Promouvoir l¹image "d¹île aux artistes" à l¹extérieur de Saint-Martin est l¹une de ses priorités. Art Lovers est un reflet des arts visuels et de la richesse des influences culturelles de Saint-Martin.
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Paul Elliott founded the " ART LOVERS" association based here in Saint Martin, to promote visual arts (painting, photography, ceramic, marquetry, sculpture etc...) in the Caribbean by arranging events and exhibitions.
The society hosted their first Open House Week-end in February of 2004, during which the art galleries and many artists on the island welcomed visitors to their studios. The association boasts around fifty members today (painters, sculptors, photographers and ceramists).
Their aim is to spread this image of “the Island of artists" far beyond the confines of Saint Martin. After all 'Art Lovers' is a reflection of the visual arts and rich cultural influences here on the island.

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The mixture of two worlds :
the Caribbean and Jura.
Le mélange de deux mondes, les Caraïbes et la France-Comté
Claudine Gallet

Claudine Gallet
Claudine GALLET lives between St Martin and Vence. She loves to share each side of Atlantic ocean the landscapes of the French Riviera and thoses very colored of the Antilles – caribbean islands.

Oliver Runembert
Olivier Runembert
Il s'exprime à l'acrylique et aux techniques mixtes ; il griffe, déchire, enduit sa toile et projette ses couleurs vives en éclairs luminescents, créant des ouvres vibrantes sur fond d'humanisme.

Alessandra Fiorillo
Alessandra Fiorillo
"Later I want to keep in my eyes the light of things that I 'v seen ".
A pictoral means to translate a universal language.
Olivier Grolleau
His paintings feature scenes captured in his memories and also from photographs taken during his voyages among the Caribbean islands, from Tobago to the British Virgin Islands.
Sylvie Calley

Sylvie Calley
This petite French woman paints with a big heart equal to her passion for animals. She has mastered the art of giving them personality and emotions that draw you in and touch the very soul of your being

Ivancic Geneviève

Geneviève Ivancic
It's a thematic coloured festival she is expressing through the cubism, source of invention and freedom.
C'est un festival coloré à thèmes qu'elle exprime à travers le Cubisme, source d'inventions et de libertés.

Cynthia Wiggins
Cynthia Barber Wiggins
Portraits, still life, landscape all have the challenge of recreating physical beauty while capturing the emotion within.She relates to the emotion of the subject by finding their colors.
Douglas Hazelton
Douglas Hazelton
His favourite medium is copper …and by working and fashioning copper sheathing, boat nails, and other pieces salvaged from old wrecks he creates singularly beautiful sculptures, imbued with chameleon like hues and patinas.
Michel Serveau
Jean-Michel Serveau
Panoramics and underwater photos invite you in a journey of beauty and charm.
Wilfrid Moizan
Wilfrid Moizan
Un monde silencieux dans lequel les personnages sont le plus souvent seuls, comme suspendus.
Marie Mourrefet
The simple elegance of watercolours... Warm luminous colours and scant unembellished lines become perfectly mastered, simple but elegant paintings that are intensely alive.
Marie-Laurence Moure
Marie-Laurence Moure
Magie des couleurs, richesse de la nature ou beauté d'un visage se reflètent dans sa peinture.
Magic of colours, magnificence of nature, or beauty of a face reflect in her paintings.
Paul Elliott Thuleau
Façades of colored houses dominate his luminous oils on canvas. Very close to their subject, his paintings are almost still-life and simplicity helps you to focus on the light. 12 canvas
Salome Langevin
Salomé Langevin
Elle s’exprime essentiellement sur bois et sur toile, à l’acrylique, associés à divers matériaux dans sa recherche d’effets de matière qu’appellent son sujet de prédilection: Les Portes.
Lucia Trifan
Lucia Trifan
Completely unconfined way of painting, an authentical creation, a personal style, a precious signature of an Art which is looking towards the Universe.

Nathalie Lepine
Her work is sparse and beautiful.
She achieves psychological affect with what is shown and also hidden.
12 canvas

Patrick Poivre de la Freta
has crossed the border of the XXI° century with a paintbrush in his hand. From L.A. to Teheran, he has exhibited in Canada, Belgium, Germany, Locronan and Paris his birthplace. 12 canvas

Jean-Pierre Straub
With a selection of over 50 different types of wood, the artist is able to exploit the colors and grains in a marvelous contrast.
12 woodinlay

Jean Vallette
Photographer passionately fond of woman body, he declines his work by series.
Black / White and Color

12 photos.

Antoine Chapon
From vibrant transparency to deep shades, his paintings are always a serene reflection of the Caribbean atmosphere.
12 canvas.

Jean-Claude Navoizat
Influenced by antillian culture, his colorful oil paintings represent caribbean life scenes.

12 canvas

.Joël Roserau
Passionate about the study of colors interaction, he pursues in his pictural work the exploration of different research axes : abstract geometric or aleatory compositions.
12 canvas
Josiane Casaubon
Josiane Casaubon
Always painting with oils, Josiane speaks to us of the sea, flowers, woman, the desert and its touaregs, wild animals....
12 canvas
Corinna Trimborn
Her colorful oil paintings are leaning on surrealism. Her images of figures or faces always reflect one articular emotion in time.
12 canvas.
Norma Trimborn
The human figure is always the central motif of her expressionistic and sometimes vagly abstract oil paintings.
12 canvas.
Marie Moine
In her work shop located at Oyster Pond, Marie Moine continues the French tradition of “Big Fire”. The beauty and the pure colours of her creations, inspired by the Caribbean, will definitely seduce you. 12 pieces.
Katherine Millot
Various subjects using colored expressionism, mixed processes, trompe l'oeil, materials etc... Everydays at her studio in Graffiti's shop, Les Amandiers, Marigot.
12 canvas
Lucien Guillaume
Haitian artist, settled in Saint-Martin from 1991.
12 canvas
Maryn Charvat
Representational or abstract , her paintings lead you into a poetic universe punctuated with signs and writings. She has a very personal way of restoring inner images

12 canvas
Gretillat Eve-Marie
Eve-Marie Gretillat
Selft-taught, she practices ever medium.Her paintings display the purety of the moment and the serenity of the oriental philosophy which lives within her
Carine Hurstemans
Context, atmosphere, canvas background inspire the subject : a broom,a column,brushes,animals, musical instruments, all things
I love...
12 canvas

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