Douglas Hazelton

Spiny (31 cm)
Silver School (43 cm)
Diving Turtle
Nassau (76 cm long)
Black Jack
Tuna Thunderbolt (36 cm)
School of Jack
Pelican (36 cm high)
Pompano (46 cm)
Green Turtle (61 cm)
Mahi-Mahi (106 cm)
Sea Bird (43 cm)

Colin Douglas Hazelton of Canadian origin came to the Caribbean in 1967. He Has devoed his life to his two great passions, the sea and artistic creation.An autodidactic artist, he has excelled in exquisite woodwork and unique copper sculptings which he makes from copper salvaged mainly from old wrecks. As his reputation has grown so has his extraordinary floating workshop and gallery, aboard "Sindbad'. He has lived and roamed the world for forty years aboard his 75 year old vessel and has recently returned from a 9 year circumnavigation with his family.
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