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Les Galeries des Artistes de Saint-Martin - Dimitrios
  • Dimitrios says he was very young when he began to get interested in art and especially in the creative side of art. “I began by doing the realistic and very recognisable things. As soon as I saw them, I have always been fascinated by circular patterns. 

    One or two circles and rolling, flowing patterns. Never square. I hate square. Flowing images give you a feeling of freedom, as they have no boundaries,” the artist explains his preference for this particular type of art expression.

    “I call it power dots, because of the strong visual effects of the little balls that you experience when you look at the painting for a longer while. I fi nd this power dot pattern so fantastic that I never get enough of it.” 

    Looking at his paintings, you notice that the perfectly round dots or balls are not just thrown on the canvas, but that there is consistency and order in the image.

    This, Dimitrios explains, enhances the exciting visual effects of his paintings.” Most people want to see realistic paintings, but that does not count to me. 

    They judge your painting based on how well real life objects/persons are replicated. A tree, a house, an animal, a human. But that doesn’t count to me either. To me what counts is the total visual impact of a work.”

    A designer by profession, Dimitrios says the computer does not affect his art, although his dots are perfectly round in a way that suggests that a computer could have been used. “My artwork is hundred per cent done by hand,” he says without revealing the ‘tricks’ he uses to get the circular effects he desires. 

    Except that he works with meticulous precision, often estimating the dimensions he wants to use. “I calculate the distance between each of my power dots with a measuring tape, and so,” he notes. He paints with acrylic and sometimes oil--”a painting is more brilliant in oil, but it takes a long time to dry--acrylic dries much faster”- -in the basic colours red, yellow, blue, black and white and the medium he prefers is canvas.

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